Otto Kemppainen

My Story

My name is Otto Kemppainen and I've been making knives for more or less about 5-6 years now. It all began after my interests in hunting and spending much time outdoors. I'm 19-years old and located in Lemi, Finland.

I really like traditional puukkos such as Kauhava-style sheathknives. Lately I've challenged myself more and started doing some R.W. Loveless influenced hunting knives. One thing in knifemaking that fascinates me is the knowledge you need when working with different types of materials such as many different steels, woods and leather.

I made an Instagram account "KempKnives" in the year 2016 and 2018 I started running this as an official company.
I am mostly selftaught by learning from books and texts related to knifemaking but I've got a lot of help from exprienced knifemakers. Getting tips and help from other knifemakers really makes a change and I'm grateful for it.

I have participated in few knifemaking competitions and placed 1st in Finnish Championship of knifemaking (2018), 2nd (shared) in under age 18 serie and 1st in Finnish 100 years of independence - puukko competition.